Commercial Diving

Culvert Drainage Pipe
- Installation
- Inspection / Removal
- Installation and Repairs of Water Control Structures
- Desilting / Cleaning
Underwater Utilities
- Gas, Water, and Sewer pipes (Locate and Repair)
- Tremie Seal Preparation
- Tremie Pours
- Repairs to the seal
Power Plant Work
- Intake well cleaning, inspection and repairs
Underwater welding, burning and cutting
Underwater Salvage
Coral Reef Repair, Coral Reef Transplanting
Canal / Channel Dredging
Survey / Video / Reports
Barnacle Removal
HDPE Culvert Lining
Sheet Pile Scouring

Vac Truck
Parking Lot Flooding
Culvert Cleaning
Pipe Cleaning
Storm Drain Cleaning
Drainage Maintenance
Association Drainage
Street / Road Flooding
Video Inspections

Vactor 2100P
Desilting Culverts
Soft Dig Utilities
Clean Inlets / Manhole Structures
Culvert Repairs
Mud work

Erosion Control
Riprap Rubble - Marine Mattresses
Sand Cement Riprap
Filter Point
Gabion Baskets
Articulating Blocks
Geogrid Reinforcement
Canal / Channel Excavation
Check Valves
Manatte Gates 

     ​Straight Ahead Construction, Inc. is a roadway construction company specializing in Site Civil, Drainage, Large Diameter Culvert installation and Commercial Diving. Our team prides itself on operating with the highest level of standards and integrity. Our company is dedicated to completing all projects in a safe, productive, timely, quality controlled manner. Deeply rooted in South Florida, Straight Ahead Construction, Inc. is community oriented and environmentally conscientious. Every project is approached with a keen understanding of South Florida's delicate eco system.  Minimal environmental impact is always the ultimate goal.  


  • ​27 years underground roadway construction experience throughout the state of Florida

  • Licence: CGC1513064
  • Commercial Diving
  • Fully Bonded 
  • FDOT Pre-qualified 
  • ​Miami-Dade County SBE,  MCC 7040 pre qualified. 
  • South Florida Water Management District pre-qualified, SBE 
  • Army Corps of Engineers Pre-qualified, QCMC certification, registered within